About Vinegar Hill Music Theatre

Sarah Dearing, Managing Director

Sarah Dearing fell in love with the excitement and energy of live performances the moment she started rehearsing for her first nursery school recital. There was just one problem—Sarah was terrified of performing. No matter how hard she practiced her lines or what she did to clear her mind, Sarah’s stage fright never went away but she eventually found her home “behind the curtain”, assisting stage managers and directors.

After education, Sarah put herself on a solid career path with Estee Lauder but when her first child arrived in 1997, she fell back into the arts in order to have more time with her new family. Her children literally grew up backstage at The Comedy Connection in Portland and theatres across New England. Sarah met comedian Bob Marley and went on to support and coordinate his tour and assist in the production of DVDs, TV shows and Webisodes. Over the years, Sarah expanded Bob’s merchandise business and helped launch the theatre bookings and annual holiday shows that made him one of Maine’s most famous performers. 

As her career grew, so did her thirst to return to her theatre roots.  In 2012, Sarah spread her wings and started producing and promoting her own shows in theaters across New England with artists she had met along her journey. As Sarah’s boys became men, she felt a strong desire to find a single stage she could call her own and fill with a wide range of talent from around the corner and around the world. Thanks to a series of chance meetings through shared acquaintances, inspired conversations and a bit of kismet; Sarah, Tim and Debbie’s visions merged and Sarah jumped at the chance to become our Managing Director in 2017. Since then, she has dazzled us with her work ethic and passion for providing unforgettable experiences for audiences and performers alike. In addition to managing all aspects of every performance, Sarah is the driving force behind our collaboration with the City Theater in Biddeford as well as the re-launch of the Vinegar Hill Youth Theatre. These projects represent our commitment to increasing our community’s access to the arts and encouraging local students to pursue their passions.

Jack Murray, Technical Director

Jack Murray has been with Vinegar Hill Music Theatre since it’s inception after his company Ocean AVL was trusted with the audio, video, and lighting installation in 2016. As the Technical Director he is tasked with ensuring the systems are running smoothly and that the artist’s equipment needs are taken care of prior to arrival and while on stage performing. A Maine native and resident of Portland Jack has been a part of the Southern Maine music scene for two decades. While he enjoys the fast paced environment that operating an entertainment production company entails, he’s most happy behind the audio console mixing shows at Vinegar Hill. 

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Our Dedicated Part-Time Seasonal Team

Our Dedicated Part-Time Seasonal Team always includes familiar faces from previous seasons.  Our volunteer ushers and greeters donate their time, smiles and positive energy to all of our guests.  We could not provide the personal level of service on site without all of their commitment to Vinegar Hill and the arts.