Deep Blue C Studio Orchestra

$25 per person; PG-13 with adult

David “Doc” Vose had a dream – to create and direct a studio orchestra made up of dynamic musicians to play just a few concerts in the local area so he gathered an enthusiastic group of performers from New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts and the Deep Blue C Studio Orchestra was born!

A studio orchestra is made up of woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings as in a symphony orchestra. It also includes a rhythm section of guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and drum set as in a jazz combo or show orchestra. It often includes vocalists as well. Traditionally studio orchestras were assembled by large recording houses (MGM) or in the film industry to enhance the effect of a movie (film scoring) and to extract the most poignant details in the composer’s music. Some of the most famous studio orchestras were: The Hollywood Studio Orchestra, The Eastman Studio Orchestra, Warner Brothers Studio Orchestra and the London Studio Orchestra. On very rare occasions, except in very big budgeted shows, do music enthusiasts get the opportunity to hear such an orchestra. Here in the coastal areas of New England, we have many seasoned musicians and some excellent published arrangers and composers ready to perform for you.

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