Ronan Tynan

Irish Tenor

$80 to $85 per person

Acclaimed Irish Tenor whose known for his versatile repertoire, Ronan Tynan, will perform after a brief hiatus from the world of music. Many don’t know this, but Mr. Tynan is actually Dr. Tynan, and has spent the last two years working in the field of medicine, due to the pandemic.

Dr. Tynan was born with a lower limb disability and was the first disabled student admitted to the National College of Physical Education in Limerick. Ronan suffered complications from an auto accident resulting in his legs being amputated at age 20. Just weeks after the operation he was climbing the steps of his college dorm. Within a year he was winning gold medals in the Paralympics. Between 1981 and 1984 Dr. Tynan amassed 18 gold medals and set 14 world records.

Following a dream, Dr. Tynan pursued medical school at Trinity College. At the age of 33 and during his residency as a physician specializing in orthopedic sports injuries, he began formal voice study. With encouragement from his colleagues he not only entered Go for It, a televised BBC singing competition, but won! Selected to be a member of the Irish Tenors, Dr. Tynan was introduced to international audiences and has become known for his unique voice and irresistible appeal.

Vinegar Hill’s season is not complete without a visit from this fan favorite! He sang with the Irish Tenors for several years, then started his solo career. Dr. Tynan has performed for four U.S. Presidents including President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush, as single soloist at the Funeral of President Ronald Reagan, and for President Clinton. As well, Dr. Tynan has sung for two Popes, Pope JohnPaul II at St. Peter’s Basilica and Pope Benedict at the Concert of Hope. He is also known for performing “God Bless America”.

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