The Platters®

Friday, June 16th @ 8pm (doors @ 7pm)

$65 - $75

The Platters

The Platters® debut single, Only You (and You Alone), launched the vocal group on the world stage. The romantic ballad, based on the then groundbreaking Tin Pan Alley sound, became an instant hit with the public and would eventually reach number five on the Pop charts, pioneering the “new sound” of Rock & Roll as we know it today.

The follow-up single, The Great Pretender, propelled The Platters® to the number one position on the pop charts, providing the launch pad for their meteoric rise as crossover artists. Both tracks have since been declared songs of the 21st century by the Grammy Music Hall of Fame.

Lead vocalist Tony Williams’ romantic, soaring tenor voice is largely credited with creating The Platters® unique sound. He was replaced on stage by Sonny Turner.

Today the vocal group continuously evolves, changing members when necessary to keep its rich legacy alive. Hence the moniker, Many Voice ONE Name. Reed was the only artist to be with the group from its inception until he died in 2012. Led by vocal captain and senior member Lance Bernard Bryant, multi-talented vocalists Omar Ross, Jovian K. Ford, and Brittany Michelle Wallace travel the world, carrying on Reed’s legacy with his longtime Music Director Michael Larson. Later this year, The Platters® will release its first EP/LP featuring new music in more than 50 years, adding to the group’s revered music canon!

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