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Join us for food and drinks before the show in our outdoor garden starting at 6pm!

The night’s food truck is Maine Diner on the Go!


Tom Rush is a celebrated musician and performer known for his distinctive guitar style, wry humor, and expressive voice. His shows blend storytelling, ballads, and gritty blues, making him a legendary figure in the music world. Rush has profoundly impacted the American music scene, shaping the folk revival of the ’60s and the renaissance of the ’80s and ’90s. He introduced audiences to artists like Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor, and his Club 47 concerts have highlighted emerging talents.

Beginning his career in the early ’60s while a student at Harvard, Rush quickly became a fixture at Boston’s Club 47. He released two albums by the time he graduated and was signed by Elektra in 1965, where his album “The Circle Game” helped usher in the singer/songwriter era. Transitioning to folk-rock in the early ’70s, Rush recorded for Columbia and toured extensively.

After a break in the late ’70s, Rush returned to the stage in 1981, rekindling his connection with audiences. He founded the Club 47 series, pairing established artists with newcomers, which became a celebrated annual event and a national broadcast special.

Rush’s retrospective album, “The Very Best of Tom Rush: No Regrets,” was released in 1999, covering his career from 1962 onward. His live CD, “Trolling for Owls” (2003), and instructional DVD, “How I Play (some of) My Favorite Songs” (2005), further showcase his talents. In 2009, he recorded his first studio CD in 35 years, “What I Know,” in Nashville.

Tom Rush continues to tour and live in New Hampshire, where his music remains a blend of traditional and modern influences.

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