Using the Science of Happiness to Thrive with Paula Sacco


$30 per person; PG-13 with adult

What if you could tap into the key to happiness? Scientific research has shown that our mindset and life choices are the key to thriving and flourishing.

Certified Positive Psychology Coach Paula Sacco will share how three simple tools – gratitude, mindfulness and knowing your strengths – have the power to transform your days and even your life. Each one of these tools connect with the brain to create positive emotions that not only feel great but also boost creativity, improve relationships, create meaning and build resilience.

The human experience is full of joy as well as suffering. It is by embracing the whole life experience, while amplifying the positive, that we thrive and build resilience to get through the tough times. Tap into hope as you see how these simple tools have the power to transform how you feel and propel you to live the best version of yourself. Walk away from this interactive talk motivated and inspired to start your own daily happiness habits that become your personal key to thriving.

Paula Sacco is a Positive Psychology coach who teaches how to apply the science of happiness to everyday life. Using simple tools that have been proven by research to help people thrive, Paula guides her clients in building daily happiness habits to reduce anxiety, improve relationships, bolster resilience and increase overall well being. Paula’s THRIVE  Programs consist of virtual group coaching, corporate workshops, and worldwide women’s retreats.
She holds an MBA from Northeastern, a BS from Babson College, a certification in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and a certification in professional coaching from the world renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI).
Paula lives in the Boston area, with her husband, their three young adult children and dog Desi – the ultimate teacher in living joyfully in the present moment.


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