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Join us for food and drinks before the show in our outdoor garden starting at 6pm!

The night’s food truck is Pam & Fam Forkin’ Good Grub!


Performing original songs as well as classics of The Band, The Weight Band is led by Jim Weider, a 15-year former member of The Band and the Levon Helm Band. The Weight Band originated in 2013 inside the famed Woodstock barn of Levon Helm. Inspired by Helm to carry on the musical legacy of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group, Weider and his bandmates present a dynamic set of classic Americana on their new album, Shines Like Gold. The album draws upon roadhouse rock, funky swamp pop, blues, country soul, and folk music. Composed of band leader Jim Weider, keyboardist Brian Mitchell, bassist Albert Rogers, drummer Michael Bram, and keyboardist Matt Zeiner, the veteran quintet shares a deep appreciation and knowledge for this music, which Weider describes as the “Woodstock Sound.” Recorded live at Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, NY, during the height of the pandemic in 2020, Shines Like Gold represents a sublime example of these masterful roots musicians at work. Producer Colin Linden, an award-winning musician and Weider’s longtime collaborator, had a significant role in the album despite working from Nashville.

The Weight Band’s origins are deeply tied to Woodstock and its musical heritage. Jim Weider, a Woodstock native, served as The Band’s lead guitarist from 1985-2000, following Robbie Robertson’s departure. After Levon Helm’s death in 2012, Weider performed “Songs of The Band” concerts, leading to the formation of The Weight Band. Over the years, the group has evolved, with membership changes and a shift from playing mainly Band songs to their originals. Their debut album, World Gone Mad, received strong reviews, and their recent release, Acoustic Live, features performances recorded at the Big Pink and Levon Helm’s barn/studio. The Weight Band continues to carry the torch of the Woodstock Sound, honoring its roots while creating new music.