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Join us for food and drinks before the show in our outdoor garden starting at 6pm!

The night’s food truck is Terra Firma! Serving farm-to-table fare including smash burgers burgers, kabobs, and more!


Based out of Portland, Maine, The Finestkind’s soulful sounds resonate from the state’s rocky coast, from gritty Low-Tide Funk to inspirational Evergreen Roots. The band draws from some of the area’s top acts including The Red Eye Flight Crew, Royal Hammer, and The Fogcutters and has backed up some of Maine’s premier artists such as Kenya Hall, Spencer Albee, Lyle Divinsky, Connor Garvey and more.

Lauched in 2023 from a residency at Portland House of Music, the band debuted with a marathon variety show, backing nine artists over four weeks. For the artists, “It’s like driving a Ferarri,” says Albee.  For the audience, it’s an invitation to experience the breadth of talent coming out of Maine. Though they may not know the individual artists, they always know that when The Finestkind comes to town, they’ll be in for a treat.

The band released its debut single “The Break” in 2024, as well as two live recordings from the initial residency, Kenya Hall’s anthem “Z Game” and Lyle Divinsky’s tune “Carry On.”  These first tastes are a sampling of more to come from Finestkind.


Kenya Hall:

Based out of Portland, Maine, Kenya Hall has shared stages with incredible local and national acts such as The Roots, Dr. John, Lettuce, Jaw Gems, Rustic Overtones, Adam Deitch, Jon Fishman, Nigel Hall, Shemekia Copeland, and Fred Wesley.

As one-of-a-kind as it gets, Kenya’s musical artistry weaves together indomitable vocals with a fierce blend of soul and funk delivered with a rare energy that leaves every audience she sings to better for having been a part of it.

Drawing her writing and performing influences from Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Sharon Jones, Kenya is not only relevant in what she says, but poignant in how she communicates it. Leaning heavily on Soul, Hip Hop, Funk, and the seed of what makes a rock and roll artist — Kenya is here to deeply inspire and elevate the world around her.

Joshua Eden:

Raised on Vinalhaven, ME in a home full of artists, writers and musicians, Joshua Eden began his musical journey early as a toddler by climbing into a tuba.  Nourished by his family’s rich musical background and traditions, Eden since that day has lived a life full of music as both an accomplished performer, songwriter, and composter for film and theater.  An infectious performer, Joshua’s music is best served live.

Though now based in the California, Joshua returned home to Maine to record his most recent album, Rust and Sand, to collaborate with his younger brother, Dan Boyden, drummer, producer and founder of Finestkind Music. The two first worked together in Oakland on Eden’s 2015 album, Reach, alongside some of the Bay Area’s finest.  Having long dreamt of making music, the brothers confirmed after those sessions that this was a recipe worth repeating.

In early 2019, Boyden assembled a cast of musicians to bring more of his brother’s songs to life.  This included their sister, Sarah  Boyden.  With their shared DNA, both genetic and musical, the siblings created an authentic, grounded sound that draws from a deep well of influences; Folk, Soul, Jazz, Americana, Rock and Blues. A sound that tastes like Tom Waits, Joe Henry and the Wood Brothers wrapped in a tortilla dipped in Bonnie Raitt, served at a local speakeasy.