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Vinegar Hill Music Theatre presents Lady Lamb! 
Food Trucks 6pm | Doors 7pm | Show 8pm
All Ages


Join us for food and drinks before the show in our outdoor garden starting at 6pm!

The night’s food truck is Vintage Dogs – featuring a spread of specialty hot dogs, sandwiches, and fries!


From her early days, staying late after-hours at her video rental store job in Brunswick, Maine to record songs, to co-producing and arranging her five studio records, Aly Spaltro has remained focused on music that connects, empowers and builds community. She built her fanship the old-fashioned way, getting in front of audiences and projecting her poetic confessionals, silencing rowdy crowds with an a cappella opening song in the center of a dark stage. Spaltro was quick to develop a reputation as a breakout star in New England, and then expanded slowly outwards, moving to New York at twenty to continue work on the songs that would become Ripely Pine, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. Her voice has never wavered, has grown more honest and open with time, and anyone witnessing the long lines of fans seeking signatures after her performances can see how her work has impacted fans. Her live shows are revelations, a further deep dive into what makes her work such a mainstay.